The GREAT Breakaways Marathon travels from the Breakaways, along the Dog Fence and wraps up with an event with food, drinks, community stalls and presentations.

Participants can either walk, run or ride the distance as a personal challenge or as a group completing a portion of the distance together, doing either 5, 10,  21.1 or the full 42.2km (can only walk to 21.1km). Participants are required to pay an entry fee.

The Breakaways Marathon will be run in June 2018 (exact date to be determined) so if anyone would like to participate or volunteer in this event or would like more information, please contact Chevahn At Kanku – Breakaways Conservation Park 0499 982 999 during office hours or email breakaways@cpcouncil.sa.gov.au


The 2018 Great Kanku-Breakaways Marathon June 2018

Now is the time to begin planning your visit to Coober Pedy to take part it the Great Kanku-Breakaways Marathon

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Register for the 2017 Great Kanku – Breakaways Marathon

Register now for the Great Kanku – Breakaways Marathon.  The registration form is available here. Every participant will get a goodie

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Kim Houghton’s Write Up on GBM 2015

Great Breakaways Marathon Have you noticed that to do well you need to pick your event?  I’ve noticed that if

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