Hello from the event coordinator

Hello from the event coordinator


Hi. My name is Alison Fenton and this year I’m very excited to be the event coordinator and run director of the Great Kanku-Breakaways Marathon. I’m working closely with Chevahn, Joel and Shontelle, the team who managed last year’s event.

I’m from out of town, so I wanted to introduce myself.

I live in the Adelaide Hills with my family. You’ll get to meet them at the marathon as my boys are both keen cross-country runners and are determined to compete in the event.

I’ve been to Coober Pedy several times, including on a recent holiday when we travelled around the west of Australia and back to Adelaide through the middle.

I’m a keen runner. I say I’m dedicated, but my husband says I’m obsessed! Either way, I love getting outdoors, exercising and eating well. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking and camping too.

I’m currently training for the Heysen 105 ultra marathon later this year, which is 105km along the Heysen Trail. My most faithful running partner is my dog, Timmy. He’s happy to haul me up any hill that we come across.

I believe that almost anyone can run and I especially love seeing children give it a go.

I hope that many of you will run, walk or ride in this year’s event. It should be a really great day.

If you see me around town, come over and say hello. I’d really love to hear your story.